I’ve worked as an editor from nearly 30 years. I started out in a translation company where I worked with multiple languages but my specialist language was Dutch. Translating and editing translated texts is work that requires close attention to detail and cross-checking, which has fed into all my work.

Over the years, I’ve worked for translation companies, book publishers (Time Out, Orion, Penguin, Random House); newspapers (The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer); magazines (Heat, Sky, Word Magazine, MixMag) and publishing agencies. Once I’d become a mother as well and made the move to Cambridge, I decided the only way to avoid the stress of commuting to and from London and race back home within nursery opening times was to start my own business.

Virtual Editor was really successful for about eight years, but I felt that it was time to address my vital, imaginative self. I undertook an MA in Creative Writing that helped me to rekindle confidence in my creative prose and opened my eyes to the different skills involved in screenwriting.

By the time I graduated, two years later, I realised that I needed to scale back my business and take my creative writing seriously.

I’m a freelance writer and editor again but I balance what I do to meet other people’s requirements with my own need to finish my novel.

I’ve had three pieces of short fiction published in anthologies and enjoyed pitching my screenplay and other ideas at the London Screenwriters Festival.

I love working with language and words and never stop learning how powerful and moving they can be when used well.