A Wild and Precious Life – A Recovery Anthology (2021)
to accompany copy about my inclusion in this book

When the editors of this anthology asked for submissions, I felt I had something to contribute but wasn’t sure quite what. There’s always been a stigma associated with addiction of any kind and it’s never seen as positive. Whether it’s an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex or video games – who actively chooses to become an addict?


But everybody is capable of wrong choices and especially when at our most vulnerable.

I wrote ‘More In Common’ to reflect how the human flaws that lead to addiction aren’t always the sole domain of the addict.

A Wild and Precious Life is an Unbound publication and 50% of its profits are donated to St Mungo’s and Hackney Recovery Service.

Crisp – An Anthology of New Writing (2016)

‘The Breakfast Club’ is a piece that I wrote to illustrate how easily things can begin to fall apart when we don’t pay attention or take them for granted.

Mint – An Anthology of New Writing (2015)

‘Vertigo’ speaks to that numbing fear that prevents us from following up on good intentions and fools us into procrastinating unnecessarily.