I’m always working on a few things simultaneously. At the moment my main focus is on finishing my novel, but on the back burner I have a short story and I’m having a go at radio drama too. Who knows, I may have to adapt my screenplay for radio and try my luck there!

These are a few stories and poems that thought I’d share. Some are published, some not.


The Common, Uncommon

A short poem inspired by an early morning walk.

The Last of April

A short poem inspired by a rainy day. When my first child was a toddler, he heard my Mum telling me about how she remembers all the blossom trees around where she used to live and how the rain would come and wash all the blossom off. For ages afterwards, my little boy would repeat the phrase to me: ‘rain comes, blossom falls off’.

Weekend in Paris

I submitted this story for publication once and it was rejected because it was deemed not to have a satisfactory ending. Perhaps so. Perhaps one day I will revisit it because there’s something to build on. In the meantime, I’ll just leave it here, because maybe there’s a place for open-endings?