Stories & poems

While my main focus is currently my novel, I like to have a poem, a short story or a piece of flash fiction on the go as well.

I’m determined to send more of my work out into the world this year. I’d like to connect with more readers and – if nothing else – I’ll increase the number of rejections I’ve had.

I share a handful of stories and poems here. Some are published elsewhere, some are not.


The Common, Uncommon

A short poem inspired by an early morning walk.

The Last of April

A short poem inspired by a rainy day. When my first child was a toddler, he heard my Mum telling me about how she remembers all the blossom trees around where she used to live and how the rain would come and wash all the blossom off. For ages afterwards, my little boy would repeat the phrase to me: ‘rain comes, blossom falls off’.